Landmarks in Albena


The Northern Black Sea coast of Bulgaria is a slightly forgotten destination by native tourists, but not by our Romanian neighbors. For them, it is a favorite, easily accessible and preferred place because of the peace and the prices. If you are tired of the same summer vacation every year, you can certainly rediscover the wonderful corners of the Northeast. And although the summer season starts a little later there, it is in no way inferior to the rest of Bulgaria’s coastline. It even offers certain advantages such as a calmer atmosphere and a low concentration of vacationers, which makes it possible to have a secluded vacation away from the hustle and bustle.

There, on the northern shore of the Black Sea, within the borders of Balchik municipality, is the pretty little village of Kranevo, or as it is known by its old name, Ekrene. This climate healing place is located right on the coast and only 2 kilometers from the resort of Albena. The beaches are extensive, sprinkled with fine light sand and very clean and well maintained. For lovers of long beach walks, there is the opportunity to make their treks along the strip that connects the two settlements. So, if you are staying in a hotel on the beach in Kranevo, you can very imperceptibly move to Albena for a morning coffee or a fresh drink!

The permanent residents of Kranevo are few – only about 1,000 people. The surrounding atmosphere is quiet and peaceful and offers a relaxing holiday away from the city noise. At the same time, the village does not lack anything – there are well-stocked year-round grocery stores, cafes and restaurants, even an ice rink and a horse stable. During the summer season, of course, the area comes to life and discotheques and 24-hour beach bars open their doors. Lovers of nightlife and entertainment are also provided with entertainment venues. They can combine entertainment time with sleeping comfortably in their air-conditioned room with a sea view in a hotel on the beach in Kranevo. It sounds idyllic, but it can easily become true.

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