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Your glasses for your resort look

There is hardly a person who does not wear sunglasses, and even if there are, these people can be counted on the fingers of the hand. Both in winter and in summer, the right choice of glasses, shapes, models and color is important, and with the coming hot and sunny days, we chose to focus on this topic.

When you are not confident in the choice – there is hardly any force in the world that can convince you that you look good if you yourself do not like your shape and glasses. Your current pair matches your outfit, but it can’t make you feel comfortable. You constantly feel the frames tightening, the color of the lenses creates a feeling of discomfort, and on top of that, the shiny frames irritate you.

Specialists advise to immediately replace the glasses with a more suitable model. You can match with clothes and shoes according to your wearing style.

It is important to match the shape of the face with the shape of the glasses. For example, the round frame of glasses is not the best choice for a round face. It is better to choose rectangular glasses or those with extended lenses in the corners. Choose the style that will suit you best and it doesn’t have to be the same as your face shape.

In cases where the shape of your face is heart-shaped, and the forehead is large and the chin is pointed, then choosing frames in tiger shades or those with colorful decors on the frames to look at the cheekbones will not be the best solution. Stick to rectangular shapes or those that have slightly oval lenses.

Square faces are best balanced with round eyeglass frames.

If your face has the right proportions and a narrow jaw combined with a narrow forehead, you can wear almost any shape of sunglasses that you already like.

If you are not sure about the choice of glasses and frames, you have no idea what the shape of your face is, from the mentioned categories, then stop at classic and universal models of sunglasses that suit any style.

You can always look at eyeglass catalogs, in opticians, ask specialists or compare your face shape with that of mannequins in magazines. By finding matches and listening to someone else’s professional opinion, the choice will be much easier, and the combination with the desired garment flawless.

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